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Ryo Shimamoto


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Born in Yuasa-cho, Wakayama-Ken where he first encountered taiko at age 11 and still resides, Ryo led a local taiko group (Shippu Uchi Daiko) for 15 years and in 2008, became a professional solo taiko performer and instructor. He has won recognition in recent years for playing odaiko, a style he has been training in directly from former Kodo core player, Mr. Katsuji Kondo.

In contrast to traditional volume and brute strength, Ryo’s style of playing emphasizes sensitivity, power and clarity.  He also stresses the importance of properly stretching and warming up the various parts of the body in a natural way achievable by people of all age ranges.



Notable Performances:

  • 1993:  Japan Festival, Sydney, Australia
  • 2004 2005 2006: Concerts with Odaiko New England, Boston, USA
  • 2007 2008 2009 2010:  Ise Jingu (Shrine)  Japanese Taiko Festival of Thanksgiving
  • 2012 February: Hong Kong University: Musical Celebration
  • 2012 November: Joint Concert with Kizuna, Takoma Park, MD
  • 2013 October: Joint Concert with Kizuna, Boston, MA
  • 2013 November: Joint Concert with Kizuna, College Park, MD


  • 2010 Taiko Festival in Kumagaya Dome, Japan final competition Odaiko performance: 1st runner-up.
  • 2011 Mount Fuji Taiko Festival: male soloist contest:  Outstanding.
  • 2011 Okaya Taiko Festival, World Wadaiko Contest: male soloist:  1st runner-up
  • 2011 Taiko Festival in Kumagaya Dome: male soloist: Odaiko: 1st runner-up
  • 2012 Okaya Taiko Festival, World Wadaiko  Solo Drumming Contest: WINNER

To learn more about Ryo, visit his website   (sorry, only available in Japanese!)

To find out where you can see Ryo perform in the US this fall, visit the Concerts page.

To find out about his upcoming public workshops, visit the Workshop Tour page.